Thursday, February 6, 2014

Friday Stash and Some Random Bits...

Hello Friday--I have missed you! ;) It has been such a crazy week around here.  I feel like I have neglected my poor blog lately. 
Hopefully next week will be a bit better! :)

Isn't this fabric delicious?  I saw it--I loved it--I bought it.  This seems to be a recurring problem of mine, I just can't say no to such lovely fabrics. Especially one's that are just so colorful as these:

I have seen rainbow quilts everywhere.  I see them and I can't help but think I need to make one.  I mean, really HAVE to make one. It is my goal to make one this year!  I don't know which pattern, or how large I will make it--but it will be done. Mark my words.  :) And seriously--I think this bundle is a perfect start to make that possible.

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So now on to the random bits and pieces of my life within the last week or so:

We had a good sized storm come our way--and it dropped a good 1/2 a foot of snow.  Which isn't that much in our neck of the woods--schools don't get canceled and businesses don't close unless we get like 6 feet of snow--that's no joke! :)  The kids loved it and had fun playing in it for hours! 

I know I have posted about this before, but it never gets old.  I was just browsing pinterest the other night and low and behold this picture of my Love Squared quilt came up.   Made my night. :)

I have recently invested in a a paper planner. *GASP*  Do other people actually enjoy writing things down, rather than putting it on a computer?  For some reason, I love writing things down on paper.  Lists, dates, notes, appointments---I write down on paper.  I hardly ever use my calendar on my iPhone or computer.  There is just something about having it on paper that makes me happy.  Plus I am a doodler--if you put a blank sheet of paper in front of me--it will not stay blank for long--I doodle until there is no more space.  It used to drive my mom nuts when I was younger because she would hang a calendar on the fridge and I would doodle all over it until you couldn't even tell it was a calendar! :)  I am surprised my calendar here looks so tidy:

We had a little incident over the weekend---My little Avie hurt herself and cut the inside of her top lip super bad.  It was horrible--we had to take her to the ER because it was after hours and we live in such a small town that they do not have an after hours clinic--You just have to go to the ER--which stinks because it wasn't really an emergency--but her lip would not quit bleeding and she had skin dangling.  It was not looking good, she didn't have to get stitches--luckily--but her lip stayed fat for a good 3 days. 

What happens when you spill your milk all over the floor?  You lap it up off the floor--that's what! No, really--I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to find her just a drinking her spilled milk off the floor.  The good thing--the floor was mopped the day before.  The bad thing--the floor was mopped the day before--and needed to be mopped again.  :) Such is life.

It took some serious talent to get these two little pig-tails in her hair...but I managed.  They even stayed in for more than 10 minutes.  :)

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

Talk to you soon,


nettie said...

I so love this post Lindsey; I have to laugh about the calendar and the doodling it is so true I could never keep a clean calendar with you around......lolol
Love & Hugs Mom

dq said...

I too prefer a paper planner. I tried to go digital this year, but I just didn't like it as well. I love writing down daily or weekly or monthly goals and checking them off my list. I get so much more done.

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

a) Love AMH's True Colors - I especially want some of the green because it is so hard to find a real true green these days and not lime or aqua tinged. b) Yes!! I use a paper calendar and many many handwritten lists to organize. My husband is always bugging me to sync up with his online planner, but dates and to do's never feel "real" to me till I've jotted them down. c) Oh no - the lip - poor kid : \ My little one dived mouth first into the side of her bed frame recently and despite the fact I know mouths bleed a lot, it was so.much.blood and a mangled upper gum. Fortunately it was day time and we saw her dentist asap, but I know how you must've felt! Hope your daughter was calm at the hospital - that can be so scary for little kids.

Sara said...

Your daughter is so cute and I loved the pic of her lapping up the milk...priceless.

Something about that paper vs a screen in front of you--magical I guess!

Congrats on your pattern showing up on Pinterest...I would be gushing too;)

Lorna McMahon said...

Yes, don't cry over spilled milk. Either one of ya's! Ha, ha! That is just too cute! Seriously I could so relate to your good news/bad news on that one. Love that close up of your new rainbow of True Colors. Yummy! And congrats on seeing your quilt on pinterest! Happy Weekend, Lindsey!

Carole @ Fresh off the Frame said...

Aww, what a cute little one! Hope her lip is healing well.
Carole, from Fresh off the Frame