Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Halloween "Mantle"

Yesterday I dug out my Halloween container of decorations. 
Besides Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for. 

Since I have 3 small children, they really like to play with fun little decorations that are in their reach.  I have to be careful where I put things so they don't get a hold of anything and break/destroy it.  So I am limited to what I can decorate.....which is a bummer!

I have a "quilt" shelf that is hanging in my front room.  This is where I can decorate and not have little hands touching and grabbing things.  It's a pretty good size shelf and I really like hanging wreaths on the bar, rather than quilts.  I do want to start hanging quilts on there, I just need to finish one first! :)    

So this is pretty much all I decorated for Halloween.  Not too much.  I only got out about 1/4 of my decorations this year.  I have really learned in the past couple of years, that less really is more.   I definitely have a little more than I normally have on my shelf, but that's okay! I feel like in this case it works and it's not too crowded.  It also works because the rest of the room is not overly decorated.  I have kept the other walls in the room simple, because this space is so busy. 

I made this wreath last year, all with dollar store supplies! It was really easy to put together and it turned out fun and festive for Halloween! :)

I got to put my Halloween Owl Runner out on my table.  I give it a couple of days before my little monsters pull it off the table.....
You can find the tutorial for the Boo! blocks right here. 

Here's a close-up of the runner and the post about here. 

I still need to figure out costumes for my kids, and we have to make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! Other than that, we are ready for Halloween! :)

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