Monday, October 7, 2013

Diamond Quilt Block Tutorial

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a fun weekend!  I spent the weekend in my pj's working on projects here and there.  I finished up my pinwheels quilt and I worked on the tutorial I am sharing with you today!

So let's start!

Here is the tutorial:

Cut two strips of fabric 6 1/2" wide.  (I didn't put a length on here because it really depends on how many triangles you want to cut out, if you are just wanting one triangle, you have to cut it at least 7" long.)  I am using the white fabric for my outer triangles and the printed pink fabric for my inner triangle.

Use your tri-recs ruler as seen here to cut out two triangles. Make sure ruler is lined up precisely and make your cut.

**If you want this process to go faster you can cut more than one triangle at a time.  You can layer several pieces of fabric together at one time.  *Just make sure if you are cutting from a print that is going a specific direction you need to make sure you cut it out the direction you want it to face.

Now cut out your side triangles.  Fold your fabric in half to ensure you get your left and right side triangles.

*Make sure you cut off the little corners.  They are really important for lining up your triangles!

These are the pieces you should have to create one complete diamond block:

Now Assembling your blocks:

 I am not a fan of pressing seams open, but I felt like it worked best in this instance.  It helps your seams nestle nicely together when sewing your two pieces together.

 Place your two pieces right sides together.  If you make sure you nestle your seams together, then your points will match up! Take the time and make sure they are lined up, and you can even pin it if you'd like to ensure it stays where you want it.

 When you are finished sewing your 1/4" seam, press your block open.

 Unfinished block size:

6 1/2" x 12 1/2"
(this size is with all 1/4" seam allowances)

That's it you're done!
With one block! :)


So you might be wondering what your quilt would look like if you used this block.  Well here are a couple of ideas.

Here is the simplest version:

So the blue and grey version is as simple as it gets, using the same two fabrics throughout the entire quilt makes a very simple design.

Here is another version but with three colors:
I was playing with this block design on my computer for hours and it really is very versatile! You just have to think out of the box.

If you decide to make this block, or even a quilt with this block, I would love to see it! Email me a  photo or add a pic to my flickr group! 

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Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial, Lindsey. Very well laid out and great pictures!

Julie @ The Crafty Quilter said...

That's a great way to make diamonds! Thanks for the great tutorial.

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

What a fun block! Thanks for sharing how you did it:)

ChristaQuilts said...

Nice job on the tutorial!

Kevin the Quilter said...

This is a great tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to make it!

Christine S said...


Unknown said...

I've been thinking about trying to do something like this block for awhile, but trying to come up with the easiest way! Like magic, here it is!! Thank you so much for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for all of the hard workthat went into it! The pictures are very clear!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

Dee said...

Love the colors you've picked! Great tute too!

Amy said...

Thank you for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I love the argyle effect of these blocks!

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

that's a fun block and your tutorial explains it very clearly!

Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great tutorial and that is always a fun block to make! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

Paula said...

So easy! So versatile! Gotta give it a try!

Karen said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Karen said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!