Thursday, October 3, 2013

Diamond Blocks Using Tri-Recs Rulers

When I was sewing my trees togther for the Modern Trees QAL (Quilt Along).  I thought it would be really cool to sew two of the sets of triangles in squares together to make a diamond.  Now, I know this is probably already been done and people seeing this are probably going to say, "Lindsey, this is old news!" But here's the deal, it's new to me!

And since it's new to me, I'm going to share it with you.  Because chances are, there will be someone in the blog universe that hasn't seen these rulers, or pattern before and will think it's just as cool as I do! 

So anyways, I've only made one so far:

Here it is:
Now, this was my tester block.  The center seam is sewn straight, I know this because my corners are all met up perfectly! But you see that middle seam?  The pattern on the fabric is running crooked! I know it's not the actual print running crooked, it was definitely an error on my end, but it is driving me insane!

Other than that small detail, 
I really like it.  
I like it so much, I am going to make a tutorial for it, so if anyone wants to try their hand at making these pretty things, they can! :) 

{Here are the rulers that I used}

You can find them anywhere that sells sewing notions, but I bought mine here. 

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christaquilts said...

This is a great block! So clever :-)