Monday, September 23, 2013

Trying out my first Quilt Along...

Since I have discovered quilting, I have found tons of quilting blogs.  I love reading them and seeing all of the pretty quilts everyone is making.  Reading these blogs,  I found that a lot of bloggers do "quilt alongs."  That really piqued my interest because I am a visual learner.  I learn by seeing, not by reading.  I find it very hard to read instructions and follow along.  I prefer seeing pictures and videos that explain how to make something.  

There is one blog in particular that I happened to come across (Who is actually a friend of my sister's) does awesome quilt alongs.  I went back into all her archived quilt alongs and saw how thoroughly she explained each quilt and how to make them.  She even goes into the detail of the actual quilting, which is really helpful.  

It just so happens that she is starting a new quilt along this week!  I really liked the design she came out with and I knew I wanted to try this quilt along thing out! 

This is the design that we are doing:

I ordered my rulers that are required for the quilt.  You can find them here.

Over the weekend I went shopping for the fabric I wanted to use.   I live in a really small town, so I have mostly been buying my fabrics online.  However, for this project I knew exactly what fabrics I wanted to use and I knew my fabric store in town had this line by moda. 

So these are my fabrics I decided on:

I love the color combo in this line.  I ended up getting a bundle of 6 fat quarters at my fabric shop for 15 dollars.  I thought that was a pretty good deal! I added 3 more fat quarters to go with it so I would have enough variety.  Looking at the fabrics on my pictures I realized I might go back to the fabric store and get another green.  I got two of the same green for some reason and now that I am looking at it on my computer, I think I need to have another green that's a little less busy.  

As we do the quilt along I will blog my progress each week! I am so excited! 

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ChristaQuilts said...

These are great fabrics! I'm glad you are doing the quilt along :-)