Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughts... and Works In Progress....

I have been thinking a lot lately about this blog. 

Mostly about what direction I want to take this blog. 
I have had a lot of ideas and brainstorming the past couple of days.
I want to really start fresh.
Start new.
Come up with new ideas and get my creativity flowing again.

I am working on an overhaul of my blog. 
Everything from the design to the content. 

I have already updated my {about} page. 
But I have a lot more to do.  

I have a mind that is always going.
Full of ideas and creations just waiting to come to fruition.
I stay up at night just coming up with new thoughts, notions, ideas, name it, I'm probably thinking about it! 

I love creating. 
I love inspiring others.
I love teaching.

So with those things in mind, I hope that I can steer this blog into a new direction.  

Now onto my works in progress:

My very first quilt is coming along...slowly!  I finally got the fabric for the borders this week and was able to sew them on.  I chose a dark small border for the inside border.  I wanted it to be dark so it would frame up all those pinwheels! I then chose a larger print that is much lighter for the outer border. I love the floral print on the outer border.  It kind of ties all the colors together that is in this line of fabric.  I am hoping I have enough of the darker print to use for the binding. I think I will, but I think that will tie everything together nicely. 
Now to find the backing!  

Some of the stash that my friend Kathy gave me included these cute Christmas prints.  Last night I started to cut out the triangles and started sewing them together.  It's definitely a slow process because you have to press your seams after every triangle.  So I ended up chain piecing them by twos, then I will connect the twos and chain piece those and so forth. 

It's going to be a smaller project.  I am thinking a small table topper/runner.  I don't have a ton of the fabric, and those wedges are really small.  

Since I have taken a half hour to blog this post my little monsters have:

Unfolded all my folded laundry,
spread cracker crumbs all over my bedroom,
pulling all of my husbands ties off his tie rack, 
and have been fighting over a game of CandyLand! 

Time to start cleaning up... :)

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mylittlecorner said...

I have just discovered your blog, through your wonderful little jigsaw magnets ! I look forward to reading more posts... this one made me smile... I have a few little 'cute' monsters too ( Thank goodness for MakaPaka and IgglePiggle and bed time hour in CBBeeies )