Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Life.

I posted this on my personal blog, and thought I would share it with you. 

All I wanted for Mother's Day was a picture with my kids. 

Well, as you can see they had other plans. 

Hannah decided to throw a tantrum.

Charlie was laughing at his sister.

And I am clenching my teeth and silently yelling at Brandon to take the damn picture. 

When I was going through the pictures, I was kind of disappointed that they didn't turn out better.  

I then realized that:

This is real life. 
My life.

I may not have a perfect life, but I have the life I always wanted.


Sue said...

These are the pictures that hold memories for the future, yes family pictures don't always turn out as we wish but as you said, this is real life, your life, and that is why they are unique.

birgit said...

I think, its a really wonderful and true picture!!! No show- just real live:-))