Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Swap: Love, Actually

Well, hello! I'm Cher over from Love Actually Blog and I am delighted to be posting on Inspiring Creations today!!

I'd like to introduce you to my blog... which has all sorts of creative date and romance ideas on a budget...which everyone can appreciate especially around Valentine's Day!

For today, I wanted to share a few ideas that keep with Lindsey's theme...creating! Here are few ideas that hopefully will inspire you to create a little romance in your marriage or relationship!

Love Checks
A unique gift for any lovey-dovey occasion...being in debt has never been so fun! You can see all the check options over on Love Actually...

Candy Carvings
Simple does it! Take their favorite treat, tweek it a bit, and your spouse will have a
lovely little surprise!

Sweetie Pie
If your spouse likes pies, then you've got a 58 cent masterpiece right here! Walmart
and many other grocery stores carry these mini pies for super cheap. Just add a toothpick tag and you're all set.

Lovers Lotto Cards
You'll find three different free printable styles on Love Actually.

Let him know just how you feel about him with a front page article!

Romantic Rubrik's Cube
...your spouse will be puzzled at how amazing you are after creating one of these! Check out the full tutorial!

Date of the Month Club
...wildly popular on Love Actually, this is a customizable gift for any occasion to give a year's worth of romance!

So, there you have it... I hope you'll come over and check out all the other fun ideas on Love Actually. Can't wait to see you there!


Unknown said...

A blog swap, what a great idea! These are some fun ideas for Valentine's Day. I love the rubiks cube! Very creative.

Emily @ Eat.Pray.Love & Craft said...

These are all great fun ideas!! Im always looking for new things to spice it up a bit!!

Selena Gomez said...

I am very please to read this. Thanks