Monday, September 20, 2010

beanies, onesies, and baby advice!

I can't believe I only have 2 more months left until baby Charlie comes! I have been doing project after project for this little one! I am pretty sure my Mom is sick of she's been helping me with all of the sewing projects because we all know I am NOT a sewer!

Saturday, I got to spend the day with my mom and we were supposed to finish Charlie's quilt.....well instead we started two more projects! We made some tie onesies and also started a car seat canopy cover. We will hopefully finish the canopy cover next week. :) As for the quilt....who knows when that thing is ever going to get finished!!!

I feel like I'm drowning in baby projects!!! :) This little one is going to be spoiled!

I wanted to show you the onesies we made. I know these are nothing new and you've probably seen them a million times, but I am proud of them! They were super easy and I found the pattern on Crap I've Made. It seriously took like 30 minutes to make both onesies. I am definitely going to be doing more applique onesies. They are so easy and so cute!

These beanies are made by my Mom. I just have to say my mom is one amazing woman! She knows how to do everything. One thing she is amazing at is Crocheting. She is in the process of teaching me how to crochet and I am working on a little beanie like these one's.

Last of all, I am getting closer and closer to my due date and I still feel like I am not ready! I feel like I still have a million things to buy! So I am asking you...

What is something you could not live without when you had a baby?!

Oh and I am in search of a diaper bag....I would make one...but that would be one more project to add to the list and I'm sure it wouldn't get done it time! Plus, I don't think I'm at the sewing level required to make a diaper bag :) So if you know of any cute/functional diaper bags I would love to see them!


Jennwith4 said...

I love my sleepy wrap! I didn't get one or learn about it until my fourth and last baby but with 3 other little ones under foot and many family trips later it has really saved my arms and back from a lot of pain plus i love my little guy snuggled up so close to me. Even at 18 months I'll still use it for him on family trips.

~Kimberly said...

Just found your blog through a link on someone else's blog... I just sat here and went through your entire blog! I love all the great things you've created! I am your newest follower and look forward to seeing your future creations!

Cambria said...

I LOVE my diaper bag it's a petunia pickle bottom bag and it's amazing! my favorite thing to have was my new born lounger from boppy- so nice I could swaddle my baby girl up and stick her on the lounger and she'd sleep and sleep and I could take it anywhere from room to room or anywhere else!

nettie said...

I love you Lind’s, I have to say I have loved getting ready for this little one coming into our family….Mom

pollyesthertp said...

I couldn't live without the book "On Becoming Baby-Wise" It helps you get your infant on a schedule so he can sleep well and so can you. If you get it then follow the information you feel comfortable with and disregard the information you aren't. We have loved it, many people have commented on how sweet my son is and how easy he is to babysit because they know exactly what he needs. Good Luck! Also, I couldn't live without diapers! -not for me, for my son!

Christina said...

I love my sleepy wrap too! Cloth diapers are fantastic as well SO worth the investment and Bob strollers are as well.

I have a Baby Innovations Diaper bag that is about to be used for the 3rd child and it's still in great shape and stylish.

Cass said...

I love my ju-ju-be diaper bag. It is very functional and practical. Check out My favorite newborn item is bundlers/nightgowns. I love that you can quickly change diapers without messing with snaps.

Made by Jessika said...

definitely check out the woombie and the miracle blanket for sleeping! They are seriously amazing!!!

I know you dont want to add to your list but you could also make a cute taggy blanket!?