Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"lucky" Wood Board

Instead of cleaning my house, studying for two tests, and doing other things...I decided to make another craft. :) I found a wood board that I had painted green for something else a long time ago and thought...wow that would be a great St. Patrick's Day decoration!!

So I decided I shouldn't just skip right over St. Patrick's Day and go straight to spring (although, I am sooo ready for spring!!!) I made this "lucky" board! It is a lot like my "be mine" board, but for St. Patrick's Day. I really do like St. Patrick's Day, but I have never really decorated for it. So here it goes! I call it my "lucky board" ...pretty original huh? :)

I even made a tutorial for you all in case you wanted to make one for yourself!

Supplies Needed
1 Wood Board measured 24" x 8"
Green Paint
2 coordinating pieces of srapbook paper.
Hot Glue
Mod podge

Step 1: Paint your board green. When I painted mine a while back, I had mixed a couple of colors together to get the green I wanted. So I don't have the exact color for you.

Step 2: While your paint is drying cut out the word "lucky" with your Alphalicious cricut cartridge. Mine is 5 3/4"

Step 3: Cut out a shamrock. I just googled shamrock cut out and found this one! It was the perfect size.

Step 4: Trace your shamrock on the back of the paper you are going to use and cut it out.

Step 5: Distress your letters and shamrock with some walnut ink.

Step 6: Mod podge your shamrock and letters on your board (after your paint is dry of course)

Step 7: Add ribbon and buttons to embellish and you are done!!!


Brandy@YDK said...

great job. super cute.

Patricia said...

i love this! i really really really want one... yet another goodie to add to my to do list!

thank you for the tutorial!

many blessings

Unknown said...

ah!!! thanks for posting this!! i am thinking about doing a 'lucky' canvas much like my 'be mine' canvas that I did like yours :) whohooooo I feel like I have permission :)

Danylle McLain said...

Love this sign! Thanks for the tutorial!

Courtney said...

This turned out really cute! You might also like my "good luck" picture. Here is a link:


Have a great day!

Phares said...

As soon as my baby girl takes a nap, I want to start this project!

So Sunny Day said...

Super sweet! I love all the deatils you included. So cute but not busy at all. Love it!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Very cute! Love it!

Unknown said...

So cute Lindsay!!

Kimberly said...

Ah I love it! I'm not about to skip St. Patrick's Day, but I want spring really badly. This sign is so cute.

Candy said...

Realllllly loving this. How creative. Would love to try it out for St. Pattys day!

Unknown said...

This turned out really cute! I love the idea!

I am doing a 17 Days of St. Patrick on my blog starting tomorrow where I show a st patty's day idea every day for 17 days in March, and I would love to include a feature of this idea on my blog. I think it would be on March 11th if that is ok with you. I will link back to your blog of course.

Feel free to grab my I've been Featured Button on my blog. www.simplydesigning.blogspot.com

stephie hicks said...

Love this...so cute!!!

I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog - come and check it out!!


Katie said...

This is awesome! I have been looking to do this for my kitchen with the words, "Eat your heart out!" and then put a heart with it. I'm thinkin' yours is the first one I've loved so far and am goin' to go follow your lead. Thanks for sharing.

Julie from JulieChats said...

What a cute idea! I don't have many St. Patty's Day decorations & this looks pretty easy with all your photos! Thanks1

Just stopping by from Today's Creative! Signed up to follow you! Congrats on being so close to 300! Stop by my blog when you get a chance, I'm always looking for a few more crafty followers! http://juliechats.blogspot.com

Shelley said...

Linking to this today at HowDoesShe.com. Thanks! :) It's adorable!

Unknown said...

So awesome!

Natalie Meester said...

This is adorable! I love the textures and colors of using the scrapbook paper. The little buttons really add to this sign as well as the ribbon.

Great Job! I may be making one of these if I get the time this year.



Rachel said...

This has such a great vintage feel-love it!

Paige Tyler said...

LOVE it! Super cute

Unknown said...

Hi! I am featuring this Saturday March 13th on my blog: simplydesigning.blogspot.com. Come by and check it out and grab my I've Been Featured button for your blog if you like! Thanks for the oh so cute idea and the great tutorial!

Valerie said...

so, so love this!! you have got so many cute ideas and such a great eye for embellishing. i am filing this (and your cute be mine board) over at thecraftersfilebox.com. thanks so much for sharing!!

Our Seven Dwarfs said...

You were my inspiration for two crafts this week! I just posted the first one and gave you credit, of course. Thanks for your great ideas!