Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Box Contest and a Boutique

I love Valentine's Day and all the fun decorations and projects you can make for V-day! I also remember as a kid, my favorite part of Valentine's day was making my own Valentine's box. Mine was usually just made out of a shoebox...nothing too spectacular or anything...but it was always fun to make them! I love all the new Valentines Day boxes I'm seeing on all of your crafty blogs and this is why I am bringing up this AWESOME contest!

If you have made a Valentine's box you HAVE to enter it into this contest!!! If you win, the prize is AMAZING! Are you ready for this! It is a package of 25 books retailed at $350!!!! This is amazing, especially if you are a reader like i am!!! I am definitely entering this contest, and YOU should too! I know a ton of you are making boxes for your kids, so why not enter it in the contest!

Go here to find out all the details and how to enter! There has only been 1 entry so far, so the odds are totally in your favor!!!

Also, if you are in the Utah County Area, you should go to my friends craft boutique she is having on Saturday! Go here to find about all the details!

I hope you all start working on those V-day boxes!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Cedar Fort said...


Thanks so much for doing this for me! You are great, and I love looking at all your cute crafts.