Sunday, December 13, 2009's been a while!

It seems like forever since I have posted a real craft! :) It seems like as soon as Thanksgiving hit I have been insanely busy! I went on vacation and now I have finals going on at school this week. So I guess it never ends! Anyways, this craft is just a simple Christmas decoration or a Christmas card idea that you can make with all of your scraps!

To make this project, I used the back of a frame that I had left over from a previous project and decided to finally put it to use. I found this scrapbooking paper that had vintage looking Santa's on it and I just fell in love with it so I wanted to make a project out of it.

You could do this with an old Christmas card as well...but I don't have any old vintage Christmas cards so this paper worked perfect. Everything is made out of paper. The holly is just layered red circles with a button and some green leaves I cut out. I just threw it all together with a tag from the same paper I got the Santa image from.

I have wanted to do a lot more Christmas crafts this year but I just haven't found the time to do them. So I thought I would post about the earlier projects I did for the holidays earlier this year.

This Christmas tree advent calendar is so much fun to make and your kids will love it too!

This 12 days of Christmas matchbox banner is easy to make and very festive for the holidays.

If you still are looking for a gift for your neighbor or friend you could make these really easy clothespin magnets! You can find the tutorial here

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things after my finals are over. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

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