Here is the tutorial for those cute Terra Cotta Pot Mummies!
Supplies Needed:
*This is for just one mummy*
2 terra cotta pots that are the same size.
Googly eyes
White paint
Paint Brush
White material (ripped into 1″ strips, you will need at least 1/4 of a yard)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Distressing Ink
Step 1: paint your pots with white paint. It would be a lot easier to spray paint these, but I didn’t have white spray paint on hand so you can do couple of coats of just regular white paint. Let dry. (They don’t have to be completely white because you are going to cover them)

Step 2: Hot glue your pots together. Bottoms togeher.

Step 3: Hot glue your googly eyes right below your rim.

Step 4: Apply a little hot glue at a time and wrap your pots with your fabric. You will want to do this a little at a time so your hot glue doesn’t dry and also so you can twist and turn the fabric so it’s wrapped really well.

Step 5: Use some distressing ink or chalk and rub a little on the edges of the fabric.
And you’re done! How cute are these! You can use these as candy dishes or just for a cute Halloween Decoration!