Monday, October 12, 2009

My new toy!

I am super excited about my new toy that I got a FABULOUS deal on. I got the Cricut Expression! Well I don't have it yet, it's being shipped but I will have it sometime this week and I am so excited! After a lot of research I decided to stick with the Cricut because I am already very familiar with it and I already have a lot of money invested into cartridges. I can't wait to start playing with it and making new things!! I just have one question for you all:

What is your favorite Cricut Cartridge?

Oh yeah...I am selling my small Cricut and Tote if anyone is interested let me know!


Rena said...

Exciting! How much are you selling your small Cricut for? I am interested in purchasing it.

Lindsey said...

For the Tote and the machine I am asking for $125

Unknown said...

Were did you get your Cricut Expression for a good deal?

Nancy at said...

Oh gosh, I love them all. I use the most, Tags Bags Boxes and More, Wild Card, Plantin Schoolbook, and I love the new Kitchen cartridge.

Nancy at said...

Oh and I forgot, I love all the swirls on the Storybook cartridge, and Home Accents.