This Halloween pumpkin was super easy to make and only took me about a half an hour. I really liked how it turned out and now i want to do it to more of my fall pumpkins!!! Here is how I made it:
Supplies:1 white pumpkin (i got mine at Robert’s Arts and Crafts)6 different kinds of black and white ribbonBlack card-stock (for tag)White paper (for tag)2 Black buttonsTerrifically Tacky TapeHot Glue
Step one: apply your tacky tape to the crevices of the pumpkin and then attach a black peice of ribbon from the top by the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin. (i used grosgrain black that is 3/8″)

Step 2: Cut an 8″ piece of thick ribbon and then out of your other 5 kinds of ribbons cut them to about 6″ to 8″ long (you want them to be different sizes so they don’t all look the same) Then tie each of your smaller ribbons onto your big piece of ribbon until you like how it looks.

Step 3: Cut out a black piece of card-stock that is about 2″ x 3″, cut out a coordingating black and white piece of scrapbook paper that is 1 3/4 ” x 2 3/4 ” (i used decorative scissors to do this) and letters that say “BOO” (i used my cricut machine to do this and used the “Alphalicious” cartridge.) I made two little eyes inside the “O’s” with two black buttons that I attached with hot glue. Glue your pieces together and then tie a piece of white ribbon around the right side of the tag to finish it off.

Step 4: Attach your 8″ piece of ribbon to your pumpkin with hot glue. I just glued all around the entire stem and attached the ribbon.

Step 5: Attach your tag with a piece of ribbon and you’re done!!