Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kitchen Decor....

Since we've moved, I have put off decorating the Kitchen for a while because I have never had so much wall space in our other houses. This house however has so much wall space I don't know what to do with it all!! Anyways, I went up to Hobby Lobby and Thai Pan trading yesterday with a mission! To decorate my kitchen! I am a huge bargain shopper and so I bought a couple of very plain things and embellished them with some simple things.


  • I monogramed the mugs and creamer pitchers with the letter W with some vinyl lettering that I cut out using my cricut machine.
  • The glass pitchers I just tied a small bow around the neck to make it tie in with everything else.
  • The shutters were spray painted black (by the hubby...i hate painting. Period.)
  • I made the small curtain with some left over scraps I had
  • The "Bon Appetit" was made with vinyl lettering as well as the coffee cups.
I was going for a cafe window kind of feel. So when I found the shutters I thought it would be perfect to make a faux window with a small curtain over the top to make it have that real window look. This project didn't cost me much. Here is the rundown:

Shutters $5/each
Black Shelves $10/each (these i got 50% off!!! )
Coffee Much $1.94/each
Creamer Pitchers 1.01/each
Glass Pitchers 1.91/each
Supplies I already had:
Black Vase
So the total cost for this project for me was: $39.72! Not too shabby!!!

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Cass said...

WOW! I am so impressed! I need help w/ the bargains. Way cute. I wanna see your whole house now....